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Woodline - The Story Continues...

At the 2008 SPOGA Exhibition in Cologne, many clients asked how the name Woodline still applies to a company and a product range that consists mostly of Aluminum & Stainless Steel with only minor timber components.

The truth is - Woodline has evolved its product range and offering based on trends and demands from discerning clients’ across the globe. However, the lack of timber products exhibited did not tell the true story.


Eucalyptus Seedling Greenhouse
Eucalyptus Nursery
Timber Logging
Selected Logs Prior to Milling
Log Selection going into mill
Eucalyptus Pinstacked for Kiln Drying
Eucalyptus Pinstacked for Kiln Drying
Kiln Dried Eucalyptus
Woodline Head Office
Woodline Head Office & Factory
Timber Components on Racks
Head Office & Assembly Plant
End View of Wooden Ribs
Laminated Eucalyptus Poles
End view of Laminated Poles
Eucalyptus Components
Laminated Timber Hubs
Laminated Timber hubs
Composite Components
Hand Made
Assembled Elements
Solid Eucalyptus Frames
Metal Elements
Metal Tubes
Stainless Steel - Work In Progress
Mild Steel Production
Powder Coated Components
Marine Pendulum - The lower Hub
The Eye of the Storm - View of Marine Pendulum Hub
Marine Pendulum - Hub Detail
Marine Pendulum - The Frame
Designer Storm - Electro Polished Stainless Steel Hub
Designer Storm - Stainless Steel with Titanium Finish
Designer Storm - Stainless Steel with White Finish
Canopy Sewing in Woodline CMT plant
Designer Safari with Stainless Steel Tilt
Classic Safari with Gobi Deck Chairs
Picollo with Syrian Directors Chairs & White Ash Table
Pendulum in Stainless Steel & Aluminium
Storms at work - The Bay Hotel - Cape Town
Storms at Work - The Bay Hotel - Cape Town
Corporate Branding
Branded Picollo's - The Design Quarter - Johannesburg
Branded Papillon's - The Design Quarter - Johannesburg

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