environmental statement

Woodline is committed to providing some of the world's finest outdoor shade solutions with the primary function of protecting individuals from the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation.

Protecting people from the sun and creating comfortable outdoor spaces, is what we do best. In this ongoing process, Woodline adds hundreds of square meters of protection to far corners of our planet every day.

Besides the products we produce, Woodline as a company is committed to minimizing the impact of its production processes on the environment. One of the ways this is done is through the selective sourcing of timber and only using FSC timber in the production of all our wooden parasols and components.

Another of our commitments is to continuously use high quality materials and fabrics in our products. This, combined with superior structural design features, ensures that Woodline products are "build to last". The underlying philosophy is that by building high quality products, they will not end up on the rubbish heaps of the world, causing unnecessary waste and the need to reproduce more of the same material. This is Woodline's contribution to minimizing the amount of products and materials ending up as land fill. We refer to this as the "landfill factor".

Besides the high quality of materials and superior designs, Woodline is committed to ensuring that spares are available at anytime and anywhere in the world. If Woodline products are damaged at any stage due to extreme weather conditions or human neglect, there should be no reason to get rid of the product. Woodline will be able to replace parts and components at any time. This commitment ensures that our products not only remain in good working order and have our support and back-up, but if looked after, these products can and should be handed down from generation to generation.


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