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Shade-makers of distinction

One of the first mass producers of solid timber parasols, and 20 years of global exposure to the industry has entrenched Woodline in a position of strength in terms of production capabilities and industry recognition amongst global competitors.

Woodline is one of very few Parasol producers globally that manufactures most of its own components and products.

This leaves Woodline in the unique position to be able to custom build and develop products to client specifications. The in house engineering facilities and technical expertise give Woodline the ability to develop products where no off the shelf solutions exist.

Production takes place from the cement plant, steel and stainless steel fabrication centers through to the laminating and turning of all solid timber components. Fabric cut, make and trim (CMT) as well as printing, through to final assembly and inspection. Woodline is truly and end to end producer, from product development through to final packaging and delivery.

Besides Parasols, the company also produces a range of solid wood furniture and also imports and distributes specific fabrics used in the production of Parasols and outdoor furniture.

The company produces traditional centre pole parasols in timber as well as innovative blends of aluminium and stainless steel.

Besides these traditional centre pole parasols, the company also produces two cantilever (side-pole) products as well as a dual poler system.

The centre pole parasols starting with the smallest are - Swift, Mistral, Safari, Bravura and Storm

The cantilever parasols are - Picollo and Pendulum

The dual pole parasol is - Papillon

Since mid 2008, Woodline has developed its 8 core products (5 centre pole products, 2 cantilever products and 1 dual pole product) into 3 product ranges.

The first is the Classic Range, where all the items have timber elements to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the product.

The second range is the Designer Range where each product has blends of aluminium, stainless steel and timber.

The third is the Marine Range where products have mainly stainless steel and aluminium components.

The fourth range is the OEM Range where products are custom built to client specifications. The customization includes “private label” branding.

Woodline recently launched a new light weight aluminium centre pole parasol called the Taku. This product range is specifically aimed at the branded market and high volume retail sector. The aim is to supply a well priced light weight Parasol into the market while still maintaining Woodline quality and back-up service into a price sensitive sector of the market.

Global Footprint

To date Woodline has exported to more than 46 countries. The primary markets being Europe and the US with further exports to South America, Asia Pacific as well as Australia.


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