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Woodline - The Story Continues...

At the 2008 SPOGA Exhibition in Cologne, many clients asked how the name Woodline still applies to a company and a product range that consists mostly of Aluminum & Stainless Steel with only minor timber components.

Woodline has evolved its product range and offering based on trends and demands from discerning clients across the globe. However, the lack of timber products exhibited did not tell the entire story.

Woodline is still one of the world’s finest producers of high quality timber Parasols – in fact, every one of the eight products produced will now also be represented in the "Classic" range using timber components wherever possible. Further to this, Woodline is possibly the only producer in the world that uses only FSC certified timber in production – the company does not mix timber from non FSC sources.

This all started 20 years ago when Fritz Walter set up a small workshop in a 3x6m fenced in space in a mini factory in Benoni, South Africa. The first products were produced only in timber and therefore the name – Woodline.

20 years on…Woodline has three factories. Two factories are situated in Kabokweni in Mpumalanga - one of which produces only timber components for the parasol ranges. The other manufactures the Woodline furniture range exclusively. The Head office, main factory and assembly plant is located in Johannesburg 5 minutes from OR Thambo International Airport. The company now utilizes more than 16, 000m2 of factory space and employs in excess of 140 staff.

Woodline has made its mark as a successful OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) producer for some of the worlds’ leading outdoor furniture and parasol brands - producing custom versions of Woodline products for these clients and branding them with their private labels.

We trust that you will continue to follow the Woodline story in time to come as the company starts a new phase of innovation and continues to shade far corners of our wonderful planet.

As long as the sun keeps shining, we have our work cut out for us.

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